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Continuing Education

FMQAI, the ESRD Network for Florida, is now offering educational on-line courses through a new website platform called the Learning Management Center.

In order to access on-line courses offered by FMQAI, the ESRD Network for Florida, you will need to register as a member of the Learning Management Center. Once you have registered as a member, you will then be able to access additional Network courses offered through the LMC.

The registration process is connected to your e-mail address; which will be used as your User ID to log in to the Learning Management Center. Therefore, it is important to write down the e-mail address used to register for the Learning Management Center and the password you establish, and store them in a familiar but secure place.

When you set-up a new account, the system will send you an e-mail to the e-mail address used in the registration. This e-mail will contain information about the final process for registration and upon registration completion take you to the log-in site for the Learning Management Center. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within several hours of establishing your profile, please report your concern to

Step One

Register for the Learning Management Center

Step Two - Start taking Courses

“Infection Control in the Dialysis Setting” This course provides an overview of the infection control regulations as outlined in the ESRD Interpretive Guidance. 2 Continuing Education Credits

“Understanding Rapid Cycle Improvement” This course aims to improve your knowledge of quality improvement by explaining each step of the improvement model and directing you to pro-actively improve care processes. 3 Continuing Education Credits

“QI: A Culture of Change” The purpose of this course is to provide a basic understanding of continuous quality improvement (CQI), while also addressing the stages of change. 1 Continuing Education Credit

“Water Treatment for Dialysis” This course provides an overview of the need for, and function of, the dialysis water treatment system. 1 Continuing Education Credit

“Implementation and Use of the Decreasing Dialysis Patient Provider Conflict (DPC) Toolbox” This course provides an overview of the resources available to help educate regarding, understand, and manage conflict between dialysis. 2.5 Continuing Education Credits

“Vascular Access & Prevention and Treatment of Catheter and Port Complications” This course educates on best practices used to treat and decrease vascular access complications. 1.5 Continuing Education Credits

“Improving “The Fundamentals of Managing” in a Dialysis Facility ” This course provides an overview of basic management skills, which are necessary to contribute to the overall success of your work place. 3 Continuing Education Credits

“Improving Adequacy of Hemodialysis ” This course discusses the importance of adequate dialysis as well as factors that can interfere with same. 1 Continuing Education Credit

“Chronic Kidney Disease: Hospital Discharge Planning ” This course provides an overview of chronic kidney disease, its management, and opportunities where hospital personnel may. 1 Continuing Education Credit intervene with patient education.

“Ethical Decision Making and Professional Boundaries in Social Work” This course seeks to educate on the strategies necessary for resolving ethical dilemmas in the workplace. 1 Continuing Education Credit

“Renal Transplantation” This course provides historical perspective and an overview of the kidney transplant process. 2 Continuing Education Credits

“Caring for ESRD Patients in a Disaster” This course provides basic education on kidney disease, as well as the needs of kidney patients in an emergency situation.

“All Hazards I: Identifying and Preparing for Potential Emergencies and Disasters” This course will provide a basic overview of emergency and disaster fundamentals. 1 Continuing Education Credit

“All Hazards II: Conditions of Coverage and Emergency Preparedness” This course will provide an overview of the Conditions for Coverage as they relate to emergency preparedness. 1 Continuing Education Credit

Please check back with us, as additional courses will be added on an ongoing basis..

FMQAI is a provider of Continuing Education (CE) Credits for Florida licensed professionals only. It is the licensed professionals’ responsibility to ascertain the reciprocity of Florida CEs for states other than Florida.
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